Life does not succ

March 13, 2017

Get it? Succ as in succulent, ha!

My mom and dad came home last Monday with these two new babies from Costco! It apparently cost $13 for these giant tubs of succulents. The one on the right is so pretty.

As you all know, I started propagating my succulents last January. A good chunk of those leaves survived so I've started propagating two new batches of these succulents! I stopped by the Dollar Tree and bought two new baking pans to grow them on because the pans weren't too deep which saved me from using all my potting soil.

I had a brilliant idea this past weekend - once my newly propagated succulents are able to be replanted, I'm thinking of making them into favors in shot glasses. I call it, "the succulent shot". I did a practice arrangement and the photo doesn't really do it justice - I promise, it looks better in person! I was talking to Chris and my mom about it and they said it's a pretty neat idea and that I should consider selling them on the side or at our local weekly farmer's market. Newly propagated succulents take about a year to really grow into their full size so placing them in a shot glass would be okay for the meantime.

All this free time has seriously given me a bad case of the green thumb.

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  1. I like your idea of putting them in shot glasses, too cute! Sell them at the market, gogogo :)


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