Finding Neverland

March 29, 2017 Costa Mesa, CA

Last night, Chris and I saw Finding Neverland at Costa Mesa's Segerstrom Center for the Arts. The musical details the story of how JM Barrie came to write Peter Pan. Chris and I had the furthest seats in the orchestra level; however, two ushers let us move to closer seats as it wasn't too much of a full house. Nice people do exist in some places!

I had only heard of one song from the musical, to be honest, and I spent the whole night waiting for and I certainly wasn't disappointed. Overall, the musical was amazing. If it ever tours in your area, I highly recommend seeing it.

We stayed the night in Santa Ana, which was just seven minutes from the theatre. It was our first time staying at an Airbnb too - it was honestly a great experience. Our host Shawn was amazing. The room was stocked with snacks and toiletries, a Keurig and it came with an AppleTV. We even had a welcome sign.

Here's my favorite number from the show. It's performed by original cast in the 2015 Tony Awards. Enjoy ~

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