Bunches of lunches

April 26, 2017

Last Friday, I met up with several of my coworkers from my previous job to catch up. I had lunch with Ana, Eva & Ann. The lunch went rather quickly since we all had other plans that day; I had to be at work. The food at Kickback Jack's was good but the portions were HUGE. I got the Maui Fish Tacos but had the rice and beans taken off the plate ("healthier" way to eat a taco... sort of).

I also met up with Jennifer. She recently came back from her trip to Mexico and she bought me a cactus from Arizona to add to my collection! Isn't it the cutest little cactus?! Funny story, this past Valentine's Day, Chris actually got me a succulent instead of roses or sunflowers... it's almost like everyone knows that succulents are the way to my heart?

ALSO. My second batch of propagated succulents are thriving so well, especially since I haven't really been watering them when I should. Plants, they're amazing, aren't they?

Mondays are usually spent with Chris but since we're going on a trip this weekend, we spent this Monday apart. So, my younger brother and I went out for lunch after running some errands. We (obviously) opted for some Fins or Tails Poke Bar. I got their house POG (passionfruit / orange / guava) juice to treat myself for keeping up with exercise and eating better the past few days. Treat yo'self you know?

Side notes:
1. I just got back from getting my eyebrows threaded and I feel like a new woman!
2. Tonight is my last shift at work before I go on vacation.
3. My family from Canada will be in town tomorrow night.
4. I get to spend the weekend with my favorite people (Chris + family) by the beach.

Life is great, y'all. Have a good weekend, my lovely readers.

Life Lately - Arrangements, walks & etcetera

April 20, 2017

Succulent Arrangements
If you already didn't know, I absolutely love succulents. I dropped by the Dollar Tree store a while back and came across these pots. Paired with my difficulty to prevent myself from impulsively purchasing items for the garden, I bought five pots. I finally had the time to sit down on the front porch and dabbled in flower, or rather, succulent arrangements!

I added cacti to the bottom arrangement but they are so difficult to work with, despite having the proper gloves on! The little chubby cacti on the top center is growing. It's grown two little spots since I bought it last December and its spines are getting longer. I'm one proud mama!

Afternoon Walks & Food
The other day, Chris and I decided to go for an afternoon walk since the basketball games on TV were a bit of a drag. It's currently the NBA Playoffs, so games are usually more exciting than regular season games, but this one didn't seem interesting at all. I tracked the walk through my watch and we managed to walk 1.33 miles in 35 minutes. It's not much but I've gained a few pounds this past year and I'm trying my best to shred them off. I love to hike but I hate the idea of exercising and this walk was more of an exercise than a hike, but hey, it's something right?

We ended up stopping by Fins & Tails and Flame Broiler to buy some dinner and walked home. Chris refuses to eat raw fish, so poke was out of the question for him. Good thing, both food places were right next to each other.

A few months ago, I had written an entry about working with dementia, and how my chapter was ending in that workplace; however, months later, I find myself still in working with the dementia AND psych population. I do have more psych patients now. It gets crazy at times especially when everyone lines up for their meds and their voices sound louder than my own thoughts, but so far it's been a fun experience. I am currently running on 8 hours sleep in the past 40 hours so I am drained.

The past few days, I noticed more than half of my Instagram feed post about the new unicorn frappuccino at Starbucks. Out of curiosity, I tried it this morning as I was headed to the Apple store. They had ran out of the blue syrup so my drink was less unicorn-y than everyone else's. Truthfully, I didn't like the drink. It was too sweet for me and I don't quite understand the fad over unicorns or this drink - it's sugar that's displayed in pretty blue and pink swirls. Pretty sure I got diabetes after one sip.

I'm working four more days until I turn my vacation switch on and catch up on my sleep. Until then, keep on hustlin', my dear readers.
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